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“RGS-Raising Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd.” is a Human Resource & IT Solution Provider. We are committed in providing customer centric services. The core objective behind Raising Global Solutions success is nurturing new talent, latest technologies and industry best practices to provide most efficient, effective and easy to maintain software solutions to our clients.

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RGS carries domain expertise in industries like IT/ITES, BPO/KPO, Human Resource Management and Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences.
Recruiting & Staffing

Recruitments, being our forte, we have completed more than 28,000+ placements across different levels in varied industries across the India. Besides sourcing,

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Streamline high-volume staffing with an RGS manager who works at your location. He will plan your staffing needs, accurately fill all staffing requests

Bulk Hiring

We complete recruitment cycle on a large scale in a shorter time based on organizational requirements.

Contract Staffing

Get the help you need to accurately match staff levels to your workforce needs. RGS temporaries help you meet critical deadlines, work around a hiring...

Executive Search

We recruit and assimilate executive-level and other professional job seekers for long-term employment with your organization.

Payroll Services

Mitigate your employment risk and reduce administrative burden by placing your temporary employees on our payroll.

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Why RGS?

Team of industry experts to design, implement, and execute hiring process. Huge experience and track record of successful placement services. We understand that every client situation is unique; we conduct a meticulous assessment to design and deliver a solution, which is optimum blend of services and tools.
Latest Projects

Our Latest Projects

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    Finding a new opportunity at a great brand should be enjoyable & working with great people non-negotiable.


    RGS is a consultancy which is a source to the MNC’s for hiring employees. RGS have both IT AND NON IT recruiters, whose responsibility is to filter candidates from jobseeker portals.(eg: monster,shine.com etc). Non spacious and as hi-fi as MNC companies. The best thing about RGS is limited employees and friendly environment.

    Tejaswini chakrahari

    It’s such a good consultancy providing so many amazing opportunities in different domains connected with Multinational companies. HR recruiters are very professional and helpful.

    Nidhima pandey

    Recruiters are really very much supportive and friendly. They give their best to place you in your choice of organization.

    Bushra Sultana

    RGS is an amazing job platform, we cherish the resumes received through this channel. We are quite delighted with their service. We appreciate RGS for offering exceptional search and service over the years.

    Sana Koushil – IT Company
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